Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Coughing and Things

This little hunny has been coughing since she had croup back around November 22 it seems. Maybe it's been all different coughs coming and going but it seems it's been forever! Poor girl. It makes sleeping rough for all of us sometimes. She does the whole cough, gag, puke thing which isn't so fun.  Her naps are still really inconsistent times and lengths (one day last week she skipped both naps eek!). Her night sleep is kind of messed up too. She usually goes to bed around 7-8pm still but sometimes wakes around 10-11pm and sometimes also around 3-4am. There were two days recently where she slept all night which was super :) and then she rolled from back to tummy for the first time so maybe learning that trick messed up her sleep. Or maybe she's starting teething??  Who knows! But I hope she gets a break from the colds and sickness soon!  She's still cute and fun and loveable though :)

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