Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve at our House with the Stanleys and Gramma & Grampa

The Stanleys, Gramma Vickie and Grampa Marv came over to our house on Christmas Eve to have some KFC and open gifts! We had planned to get together (and probably cook a meal ;) the weekend prior but poor Ruby girl had influenza so we had to postpone. And, I was lazy and picked up KFC instead of cooking after work ;) heh
Ella was in charge of distributing gifts

Ruby's feeling much better!

Auria's first Christmas!

Presents all the way from Philadelphia! Thanks, Tatyana, Carmine and family!

Ruby, Auntie Heather (and baby brudder's in there too ;)

Oooh! Presents!

'Frozen' puzzles for Ella!

Ella was quite willing to help with the present opening ;)

Legos from the Stanleys! She was quite excited to play with the Legos!  We must have missed a picture of her new farm set from Gramma and Grampa?!  She loves that thing and its singing doors.

Violet the dog for Ruby! She always liked to play with Auria's Violet so we thought we'd get her one.  She was really surprised that this Violet was for her!!

'Frozen' jams for Ella!

Fun balls for Auria!

The zoo ;)  Are you guys all supposed to be on the couch?!  One of you looks guilty!

Cousins! Ella (5 years), Auria (8 months) and Ruby (2 years)

Cousins with Gramma Vickie and Grampa Marv

Bedtime for the baby!

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