Saturday, March 8, 2014

Birthing Class and a Vintage Snowmobile Ride. Because that's what we do around here ;)

30 weeks, 5 days - we went to our birthing class today!  It was an all-day deal (we could have done three evenings but decided to just go for the day).  I’m really glad we went – they talked about late pregnancy changes and symptoms, all the stages of labor, baby positions, relaxation techniques, medical interventions we’d likely have to make decisions about, etc.  It was really good to hear all of it – Grant and I both got some things out of it.  We also did some little quizzes where we each wrote answers and then saw if we had the same thing ;)  heh … things like how we were planning to feed the baby, who would change the first diaper, etc – it was kind of funny to see what things we’d already discussed or not!  We also got to go on a tour.  I liked that part.  Grant and I both said we thought the labor/delivery room was going to be hospital-y and bright with lots of stainless steel but it turns out it’s not!  It actually looks really comfy and roomy.  Whew … can’t believe we’re almost in the single digits!

And the next day we went for a vintage snowmobile ride ;)  I guess this is how you drive to the farm to start your ride?!

Grant Walter

Mom's having a little trouble so Darrell stopped to help ;)

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