Sunday, March 16, 2014

Baby Shower!

Today was a party for Baby Schnell at Heather's house!
Heather made this cute mobile for baby Schnell's room ;)  Note that she actually made this herself!!  Quite impressive :)  and so cute!  Not saying I doubted your skills or anything, Heather ... ;)

Baby's nursery theme is forest animals and the décor at the party matched :)

Having some food!
Olivia, Vicki, Grandma Rosie, Sandy and Amy

Catherine, Briana, Prestyn, Suzette, Renee and Marilyn

Me and the delicious cake!

We visited, ate yummy food, played games, opened presents and took pics with all the party-goers!  We also got to listen to Grant's answers to a bunch of baby related questions Heather asked Grant ... it was funny stuff ;)
Here's me with Sandy

College friends! Quinn, Angie, Jenna, Me and Cassie

Catherine, Briana, Prestyn and me

Grandma Rosie, me and Heather

Me and Renee

The guys had gathered over at Paul and Marilyn's house during the party and then crashed ours afterwards ;)
Marla, Gary, Grant, Darrell and Cody

Me, baby Schnell and Bear

Dad, Me and Mom

Marilyn and Me

Suzette and Me

Me and Marla (soon to be Grandma Marla ;)

Me, Ella, Heather and Ruby :)

<3 my nieces ... and their mom ;)

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