Saturday, March 29, 2014

32 Week Appointment and Belly Pic at 33 Weeks 5 Days

3/20/14:  32 weeks, 3 days - we had our 32 wk appt today.  The heartbeat was 150bpm so Grant randomly asked if/when the heartbeat will slow down.  The midwife lady was like well it depends on activity, etc cuz last time I was in it was 140.  But then she said 'did you find out what baby is?' so we said no. And then she said 'orrr it could mean it's a girl'  lol!

also ... baby is still head down ... good work baby 😉

 ... and apparently my belly is measuring on track so hopefully no giant baby!

And we're a little behind on the belly pictures so here's a picture a week after my appointment on 3/29/14 at 33 weeks, 5 days

+23lb bp 110/60

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