Monday, March 3, 2014

30 Weeks!

Belly picture update!
3/4/14:  30 weeks, 1 day - I went in for a quick check because I was having some strange symptoms.  Every once in awhile I’d have this strange wave come over me and my heart would beat really hard and I’d feel light headed and see sparkly things.  After it happened a few days in a row I thought I should call to see what it might be.  They asked lots of questions and then had me come in just to check everything.  My blood pressure was fine, no protein issues, etc.  So, they said what’s probably happening is right about now my blood volume is probably doubling which affects everyone differently.  She said it should pass in a week or two and in the mean time I should make sure I’m drinking plenty of water and eating enough protein.  We listened to the baby’s heartbeat and it was about 140 bpm!  She also felt around and said the baby is head down and bunched up on my right side.  That’s where I almost always feel a firm lump that I thought might be the baby!  And, I bet it is!  Especially when the Braxton hicks contractions start, it gets much harder on that side and the dr said that happens where the baby is hanging out.  It’s fun to know that the jabs to my ribs are probably little feet and the fluttering down lower is probably little hands!  Cute!  I can also sometimes see a lump moving around on the top of my stomach – maybe that’s a little booty?  Heh

+25lb bp 116/62

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