Saturday, March 29, 2014

32 Week Appointment and Belly Pic at 33 Weeks 5 Days

3/20/14:  32 weeks, 3 days - we had our 32 wk appt today.  The heartbeat was 150bpm so Grant randomly asked if/when the heartbeat will slow down.  The midwife lady was like well it depends on activity, etc cuz last time I was in it was 140.  But then she said 'did you find out what baby is?' so we said no. And then she said 'orrr it could mean it's a girl'  lol!

also ... baby is still head down ... good work baby 😉

 ... and apparently my belly is measuring on track so hopefully no giant baby!

And we're a little behind on the belly pictures so here's a picture a week after my appointment on 3/29/14 at 33 weeks, 5 days

+23lb bp 110/60

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nursery Progress

We've been making some progress on the nursery for awhile now!  Here are the updates along the way ...
12.18.13: Grant (and Junebug) assembling our Craigslist find: the crib!

2.2.14: Grant putting up new blinds in the nursery (the ones that were in the house when we bought it didn't work ;)

3.9.14: Working on décor for the baby's room. And, getting the changing table set up (it's one from Mom and Dad's house that was used for Heather and I ;) ... we also got the bedding set!

3.23.14:  The mobile is up over the crib!

Molly cut out the forest animals for the décor above the changing table!

On a side note ... I've been trying to continue doing some workouts and apparently my workout buddies think I need to be working harder ;) Everest decided to hop on my back for some extra weight?!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Baby Shower!

Today was a party for Baby Schnell at Heather's house!
Heather made this cute mobile for baby Schnell's room ;)  Note that she actually made this herself!!  Quite impressive :)  and so cute!  Not saying I doubted your skills or anything, Heather ... ;)

Baby's nursery theme is forest animals and the décor at the party matched :)

Having some food!
Olivia, Vicki, Grandma Rosie, Sandy and Amy

Catherine, Briana, Prestyn, Suzette, Renee and Marilyn

Me and the delicious cake!

We visited, ate yummy food, played games, opened presents and took pics with all the party-goers!  We also got to listen to Grant's answers to a bunch of baby related questions Heather asked Grant ... it was funny stuff ;)
Here's me with Sandy

College friends! Quinn, Angie, Jenna, Me and Cassie

Catherine, Briana, Prestyn and me

Grandma Rosie, me and Heather

Me and Renee

The guys had gathered over at Paul and Marilyn's house during the party and then crashed ours afterwards ;)
Marla, Gary, Grant, Darrell and Cody

Me, baby Schnell and Bear

Dad, Me and Mom

Marilyn and Me

Suzette and Me

Me and Marla (soon to be Grandma Marla ;)

Me, Ella, Heather and Ruby :)

<3 my nieces ... and their mom ;)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hiccups and 31 Weeks

I swear the baby has the hiccups every day now ;) Unless the baby is punching me in a rhythm hehe
The belly at 31 weeks

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Birthing Class and a Vintage Snowmobile Ride. Because that's what we do around here ;)

30 weeks, 5 days - we went to our birthing class today!  It was an all-day deal (we could have done three evenings but decided to just go for the day).  I’m really glad we went – they talked about late pregnancy changes and symptoms, all the stages of labor, baby positions, relaxation techniques, medical interventions we’d likely have to make decisions about, etc.  It was really good to hear all of it – Grant and I both got some things out of it.  We also did some little quizzes where we each wrote answers and then saw if we had the same thing ;)  heh … things like how we were planning to feed the baby, who would change the first diaper, etc – it was kind of funny to see what things we’d already discussed or not!  We also got to go on a tour.  I liked that part.  Grant and I both said we thought the labor/delivery room was going to be hospital-y and bright with lots of stainless steel but it turns out it’s not!  It actually looks really comfy and roomy.  Whew … can’t believe we’re almost in the single digits!

And the next day we went for a vintage snowmobile ride ;)  I guess this is how you drive to the farm to start your ride?!

Grant Walter

Mom's having a little trouble so Darrell stopped to help ;)

Monday, March 3, 2014

30 Weeks!

Belly picture update!
3/4/14:  30 weeks, 1 day - I went in for a quick check because I was having some strange symptoms.  Every once in awhile I’d have this strange wave come over me and my heart would beat really hard and I’d feel light headed and see sparkly things.  After it happened a few days in a row I thought I should call to see what it might be.  They asked lots of questions and then had me come in just to check everything.  My blood pressure was fine, no protein issues, etc.  So, they said what’s probably happening is right about now my blood volume is probably doubling which affects everyone differently.  She said it should pass in a week or two and in the mean time I should make sure I’m drinking plenty of water and eating enough protein.  We listened to the baby’s heartbeat and it was about 140 bpm!  She also felt around and said the baby is head down and bunched up on my right side.  That’s where I almost always feel a firm lump that I thought might be the baby!  And, I bet it is!  Especially when the Braxton hicks contractions start, it gets much harder on that side and the dr said that happens where the baby is hanging out.  It’s fun to know that the jabs to my ribs are probably little feet and the fluttering down lower is probably little hands!  Cute!  I can also sometimes see a lump moving around on the top of my stomach – maybe that’s a little booty?  Heh

+25lb bp 116/62
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