Thursday, February 20, 2014

28 Weeks and the Waller House B&B

28 weeks, 3 days - I can’t believe we’re already in the third trimester!  I have mixed feelings about this … it’s gone so fast I want the time to slow down!  Seriously the second trimester flew by (I guess I can’t say the same about the first trimester – that was a little more rough lol)  but still, now the total time seems to have gone soooo fast!  At the same time I’m super excited (and keep getting more anxious) to meet baby!  What is baby going to look like?  Is baby a boy or a girl??  I worked on birth announcements while Grant was gone on a quick, last minute snowmobile trip with Jake and the Frericks boys … and I made one for a boy and one for a girl and put the names we have picked out on them … so cute ;)  but which one are you, baby??  And will you have dark hair or will you have no hair or light hair??  Heh heh … everytime I look at the ultrasound pictures the little nose is so cute!  Whose nose is it?  The baby also is moving A LOT these days … and the movements are much different than they were before … at first it was the fluttering I could feel way down on the lower left side of my abdomen … and then I could feel little jabs around that same spot … and that’s what Grant could feel first too … it was so fun for him to feel it for the first time!  We were laying in bed and the baby had been moving some so I put his hand in the spot and it moved and he jumped and was like ‘ahhh!  There it was!’  hehehe … and now the movements are really distinct … and they are more all over the place … I still feel more jabs down in the lower left but now I can also feel large body parts … heh … on the top I can feel something rolling around sometimes … is that a head or butt or back?!  And in the lower right something round pokes out sometimes now too so my whole belly looks lopsided ;)  so fun!

I had the 28 week appointment yesterday and all was well!  I passed the glucose test so don’t have gestational diabetes ;)  and she found the heartbeat right away on the right side and it was about 150bpm … and she said it sounded good! 

I asked her about the pain I’ve been having in my hips – during the first/second trimester it seemed that it was always the sides of my hips hurting (mostly when I slept) but now it’s shifted more towards the back and she said it’s probably sciatic nerve pain.

Heather was texting me tonight asking about Braxton hicks contractions and I’ve been having what I think is BH for quite awhile … maybe even since my belly ‘popped’ which might have been around 18 weeks?  Whenever I’m active it seems to do it for sure where it tightens up and gets firm .. but it does also do it at some other random times … it doesn’t hurt … just feels weird … it did it on our snowmobile trip too when the trail was bumpy … and then I couldn’t tell if it was just the BH or if I had to go to the bathroom!  It was a battle ;)  I wanted to avoid the bumps ;)  I asked the dr about it several times and they don’t seem concerned as long as they go away when the activity stops.

Belly picture at 28 weeks, 5 days

We took Leidy out for some exercise before we made our way to Little Falls for a little outing overnight at the Waller House B&B

The Waller House Inn in Little Falls - where we stayed our wedding night (except it was purple then ;)!

+22lb bp 118/64

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