Friday, January 3, 2014

21 Weeks, 4 Days Ultrasound

At 21 weeks, 4 days the dr said everything looks good and all the measurements are good and all baby's parts are there that are supposed to be ;)

And here's a story about the appointment ;)  at this ultrasound they had me laying down really flat – like I noticed it was somewhat uncomfortable and I had a hard time seeing the screen – I had to put my arm under my head so I could be propped up a little to see it.  After awhile as she was moving the wand around showing us different things I started to feel kind of funny … I remembered they said sometimes laying on your back can cut off blood flow … then I started to feel really light headed so I told the ultrasound tech and she had me sit up right away … and then everything went black ;)  grant came and was rubbing my back standing beside me and talking but I could hardly hear him … the ultrasound tech got a cold rag and put it on my forehead … she asked grant to hold it there while she went to get some water … I kept saying what should I do?  Should I lean forward?  I think they usually tell you to put your head between your legs … apparently the rules are different when you’re pregnant ;)  I could tell I was breathing really hard and it was so hot I was sweating and still couldn’t see and could hardly hear … so weird!!  Then things started to slowly get back to normal after having a few sips of water … then she continued on with the ultrasound but I think she maybe hurried because she didn’t want me to pass out ;)  heh

Here are the pics from the ultrasound - they're not as clear as the last one but you can see some hands and feet ;)  and there are a couple profiles and then some semi-creepy 3D ones ;)  lol ... she had a hard time getting the 3D ones because the baby was moving so much ... well and then I almost passed out so I think we got shorted some pics ;)  I saw someone else come out with a big long print out!  but it was still fun to see baby moving around in there!  Look how cute...  :)

And the belly pic!

+16lb bp 100/58

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