Wednesday, January 29, 2014

25 Weeks 2 Days

Another belly pic!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


24 weeks, 2 days - I won a trip to Cancun for work because I was nominated the ‘super achiever’ for the office staff ;)  We left on Jan 22, 2014 and the trip was a 5 day trip and I had some meetings, etc for work but we also got to hang out on the beach and do some relaxing and just hang out with each other which was nice before the baby comes!  One of the nights we were sitting on the bed and baby was being pretty active so I told Grant to watch my belly and we both got to see my whole belly moving ;)

The view from our room
Baby and I ready for dinner!
Grant trying out the chairs. This was our first all-inclusive beach vacation - we enjoyed it but I'd imagine it might be even more fun if you're not pregnant and can actually drink some of those free fruity drinks they continuously offer!! ;)
Fish tacos for lunch with some coworkers
Grant and Clay trying out the belly boards
The resort
Windy day on the beach!
That evening we all went on this pirate ship supper cruise. It turns out this was another event that may have been more enjoyable for non-pregnant people ;) Telling them 'no I don't want a drink, thanks' continuously got a little old - seriously people - I can't have a drink - don't you see the belly?!! Stop telling me to just try one!! And, pregnant people like to eat supper at supper time. Probably even some appetizers before that. So, supper at 9pm just wasn't a good idea - come on, don't you have any chicken wings or popcorn ready anywhere?! omg - no drinks, ppl - just give me food!
The next day we had a free day and went on an excursion with a few coworkers. They said there would be a bus ride involved but failed to mention it would be a three hour bus ride on a bus with no bathroom! Once again - pregnant lady FAIL! I survived ;) And, we saw some dolphins jumping:
We walked around and saw the animals and fish, etc and then went snorkeling for awhile and just hung out.
Baby and I survived the three hour bus ride back ;) Checking out what's happening on the iPad
The last day we had another free day and didn't do ANYTHING - we should have done that the day before as well ;) We slept in, ate unlimited food, sat in beach chairs and swam around in the pools. Good times ;)  Pregnant lady approved ;)  Well except still not being able to drink all those fruity drinks being carried around.  Hmm.  Next time.
Thanks Cancun and MNSS!

Friday, January 17, 2014

23 Weeks, 4 Days Ultrasound

We had another ultrasound today (it was quicker and I didn't almost faint ;) because they said they didn't get enough pics of the head last time to do their usual evaluation.  We got several 3D pics today that turned out kind of fun ;)  Baby must have been sleeping because there wasn't so much bouncing around ;)  They said all the structures they were looking for in the head/brain are there too ;) 

Baby's heartbeat was about 155

+16lb bp 98/60

Thursday, January 16, 2014


At 23 weeks, 3 days we had a daycare interview with Sue Shawley.  We dropped off the deposit check the next day!  It seems crazy to be searching this early but the spots are so hard to find!  We had called 50 daycares and only 3 had infant openings.  After interviewing those three, we both knew Sue was the one!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Called to do another Ultrasound

22 weeks, 1 day - I received a call today that they didn’t get all the pics they usually do to do their assessment so have to do another ultrasound ... I'm not really sure why ... but the tech was having a hard time getting some of the stuff in the right position because the baby was moving a lot ... and then I almost passed out and I wonder if she was just trying to hurry after that to get us outta there?  The lady who called said something about they didn't have enough pics to see something with the head ... so some must have been missed or something?

Friday, January 3, 2014

21 Weeks, 4 Days Ultrasound

At 21 weeks, 4 days the dr said everything looks good and all the measurements are good and all baby's parts are there that are supposed to be ;)

And here's a story about the appointment ;)  at this ultrasound they had me laying down really flat – like I noticed it was somewhat uncomfortable and I had a hard time seeing the screen – I had to put my arm under my head so I could be propped up a little to see it.  After awhile as she was moving the wand around showing us different things I started to feel kind of funny … I remembered they said sometimes laying on your back can cut off blood flow … then I started to feel really light headed so I told the ultrasound tech and she had me sit up right away … and then everything went black ;)  grant came and was rubbing my back standing beside me and talking but I could hardly hear him … the ultrasound tech got a cold rag and put it on my forehead … she asked grant to hold it there while she went to get some water … I kept saying what should I do?  Should I lean forward?  I think they usually tell you to put your head between your legs … apparently the rules are different when you’re pregnant ;)  I could tell I was breathing really hard and it was so hot I was sweating and still couldn’t see and could hardly hear … so weird!!  Then things started to slowly get back to normal after having a few sips of water … then she continued on with the ultrasound but I think she maybe hurried because she didn’t want me to pass out ;)  heh

Here are the pics from the ultrasound - they're not as clear as the last one but you can see some hands and feet ;)  and there are a couple profiles and then some semi-creepy 3D ones ;)  lol ... she had a hard time getting the 3D ones because the baby was moving so much ... well and then I almost passed out so I think we got shorted some pics ;)  I saw someone else come out with a big long print out!  but it was still fun to see baby moving around in there!  Look how cute...  :)

And the belly pic!

+16lb bp 100/58
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