Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sharing our Baby News!

To share our baby news I found a graphic of three bikes online that we printed on tshirts. We wore our shirts over to the Stanleys and didn’t say anything – just waited to see if they would notice. Heather seemed to have caught on but didn’t say anything (later she said she knew right when we walked in the door). Eventually she said something like ‘where did you guys get those shirts?’ and we looked at each other and shrugged and smiled.  Then she asked Chris if he liked our shirts but he still didn’t seem to get it ;) lol … finally he caught on but we were careful not to say too much because Ella is a very good listener and we figured she might understand what we’re talking about and share the news before we were able to tell more people ;)  Heather texted later thinking they hadn’t acted excited enough ;) heheh .. and let us know that they were really pumped and would help with whatever and that we could borrow any of their baby things ;) Thanks guys we appreciate it (and I think you did seem excited ;)

This will be the first grand baby for the Schnells so we were curious to see their reaction when we told them.  Again we wore our shirts when we went into the Schnell's house.  Marla was the only one in the house and she didn't catch on to the shirts until Grant pointed them out and then she started crying! ;) she was excited ;) then we all went down to the shop and as soon as we walked in I could tell Clark noticed and almost said something but waited. Molly and Gary didn't notice so then Clark said something about 'what are you going to do with that third bike?' and then Molly got it ;) Gary's first comment was something like 'huh, maybe I'll actually be around for a grandkid!' and then there were lots of congrats and then Marla and Gary kept repeating they were going to be grandparents ;) hehehe

We continued on to my parent's house. Mom was in the house so we went in there first. After a little bit she said 'why do you guys have matching shirts?' ... and then you could see she got it ... then with wide eyes and her voice getting louder she was like 'Ashley are YOU GOING TO HAVE A BABY RIDE THAT LITTLE BIKE???!!' Dad came in and Mom asked if he saw our shirts and as soon as he looked he got it and told us congratulations ;) It was fun to tell everyone ;)

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  1. This was such an exciting time! And now the little munchkin is 9 months much fun!


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