Saturday, October 19, 2013

Road Trip to Montana!

Packed up and ready to go! My 10 week pregnant self was feeling slightly nauseous so I did a lot of sleeping while poor Grant did a lot of driving! The first night we slept in the Vibe at a rest stop and I think I had to get up to go to the bathroom approximately 5,000 times. ;)

Made it to the Johnson's in Bozeman! Getting ready to go biking.

Group photo on our ride at Leverich Canyon. It was pretty and it was also pretty steep! Me and Baby Schnell did a lot of walking our bike up the mountain ;) whew!

So fun to see our friends in their new home!

When the Johnson's had to go to work on Monday we continued on with our trip and drove towards Lolo Pass with a stop in Missoula

Going for a little walk at Lolo Pass

Checking out Blodgett Canyon - that's Leidy on the trail waiting for us - she loves road trips and hiking!

Selfie at an overlook

So pretty!

Then we camped in Blodgett campground - coolest free campsite we've been at yet!

Bouldering at the campsite

Going for a hike the next day from the campground.

What a pretty day!

My hiking buddies!

Horsehead Arch

We stopped for a little nap before turning around to go back (that's a long ways to hike while pregnant ;)  For me anyways!

The next day we packed up and continued south. We stopped for a little mountain bike ride on the west shoreline of Como Lake.

That's me!

On the road again going south on 93 - Grant's famous line when we're going anywhere is: 'I'll have to take a look at the map'  So then we stop and look at the map ;)

Driving through the Big Hole Divide

Virginia City

Stopping to read the names of the peaks before driving in to Ennis.

A nice free campsite in Ennis!

Breakfast in Ennis the next day. We may have gone out to eat a lot more than usual on this trip because the oatmeal/granola bars/sandwiches/camp food just wasn't appealing to my occasional morning sickness ;)

Biking around by the campsite.

Driving back to Bozeman, we stopped in Yellowstone to go on a little walk and saw this bear print! Yikes!

After that sighting our hike didn't last very long ;)  We looked at the creek and mostly headed back to the car to continue on the drive!

Back in Bozeman on our way to do a little hike in the Bridgers!

It was a pretty bumpy ride up to the trailhead which made for a lot of braxton hicks contractions and some sickness for me. There was also a LOT more snow than what we were prepared to hike in (we didn't exactly bring along very much snow gear). So, I didn't make it very far and the two of us and Leidy turned around. We actually walked down the road quite a ways until the Johnsons picked us up to try to minimize the bumping on the way down ;)

A pretty walk down

Out for pizza in Bozeman! Thank you so much for the hospitality - it was so great to see you two and check out your new home and surroundings - it's beautiful! Can't wait for our next visit :)

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  1. Some pretty awesome territory! Glad to see you are back at the blogging, Ash!


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