Monday, October 28, 2013

12 Week Ultrasound!

We had our ultrasound/tests this morning for the first trimester screening (we'll get the blood test results, etc back in about a week)! We were most excited to see the ultrasound though ;) The ultrasound was pretty long and baby was bouncing around and waving its arms and they gave us a whole CD of pics! We could see the heart beating and now I can't remember if it was 153 or 156 bpm but one of those ;) We could see lots of other stuff like baby's spine, nasal bone, head, and even its mouth opening and closing! We are 12 weeks according to the 7 week ultrasound we had back in September, but baby measured 12 weeks 4 days today. She said the due date will stay May 12th, 2014 since the measurements are within a week.

So fun to see baby actually looking like a baby and being so active ;)

And just a few notes from the 'grammas' from email conversations today:

from Mom: Heather was 6lbs 3oz, and Ashley was 7lbs 3 oz.

from Marla: Grant weighed 7 lbs 6 oz. and came 1 day before my due date. He cut it close!

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