Friday, September 6, 2013

Surprise 30th for Grant: Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Biking

We had a delayed surprise 30th birthday party for Grant at Cuyuna! He loves mountain biking so I wanted to plan a biking/camping weekend for him but the weekends around his actual birthday (Aug 26) were filled so we postponed until September! I had told him not to plan anything for the weekend but didn't say what we were doing. When he got home from work I had the car packed up and ready! So, of course he knew we were going camping and biking but didn't know where or with whom! We made our way to Cuyuna and eventually he knew where we were going but still thought it was just the two of us. When we drove into the campground he kept telling me to go a certain place but I was searching for the family since I knew they were already up there set up so I ignored him ;) I spotted their campers so drove over to them (he still didn't realize it was them) and they all jumped up and said SURPRISE! hahaa! Grant was like what the?!! hah ;) It worked!

Marla, Clark, Dad, Gary, Mom, Molly, Grant, Darrell and Cody

Saturday there was another surprise for Grant when his friend Erik Grove showed up! We all went out for a bike ride and got our Cuyuna red dirt tan lines on! The Stanley's also surprised Grant by coming to stay the night!

Back in camp for lunch
Cody, Ella and Nicole

Mom, Grant, Me and Cody

Suzette, Mom, Heather, Cody, Chris and Ella

A birthday present from the Stanley's! It's a screen tent! Awesome :)

Erik and Grant - probably telling some kind of stories of their biking crashes

I think all we do when we get together is eat ;)

Time to grill up some supper!
Molly, Erik, Nicole and Chris

Cody, Darrell and Grant

Chris, Ella, Ruby, Mom, Marla and Heather

Dad and Clark

Grant, Uncle Darrell and Molly (that's Cody on the bike in the background ;)

Cake time!

Grant, Me and Leidy - happy birthday to you!!

Sunday morning hanging out
Ella, Ruby and Dad

The birthday boy and his dog Leidy girl!

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