Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's Positive!!! September 3, 2013

Sooo... over labor day weekend we were at the cabin with the families. I knew that weekend was going to be around the time to take a pregnancy test but I wasn’t sure exactly which day. My plan was that if nothing happened over the weekend I would take a test on Tuesday when we were home. All weekend I felt kinda funky with lots of different cramping and things and I also felt extra tired. And... days kept passing without anything else happening. I was hoping this month was going to work out for us!

We hung out for the weekend and then had Ruby’s birthday party in Sartell on Monday. Finally Tuesday came and there was still nothing happening (well, there was all the cramping and everything but it was hard for me to tell what that really was – but something about all the symptoms made me think this HAD to be the month! Even though I may have thought that a couple other months ;) … I had even gone out and bought some different pregnancy tests (the ones that actually say the word Pregnant ;) even though I still had a couple of the pink line kind left because I wanted to see it say the word!

Tuesday morning I got up with my alarm (note that this is not typical for me - I usually hit snooze like 5 times at least) and went straight to take a test. I tried really hard not to look at it while I waited the time it said… when the time was up I peeked and, sure enough, it said PREGNANT! AHHHHHH!!! WHAT?!!!

Even though I had felt pretty sure of it (I had also been pretty sure of it a couple months prior ;) I still had to do a double take … did that really say Pregnant?!! Hahahaa!! It did! OMG! I took several pictures of it and then ran to the bedroom where Grant was still sleeping … I flipped on all the lights and hopped into bed and put the test in front of him … he rubbed his eyes and blinked and tried to focus on it and then looked at me and said ‘we’re pregnant?!’ heheee …

Then of course I started googling things to try to see how far along I might be and what might be happening, etc etc … by then Grant was up and outside playing fetch with leidy … I found a site that said the heart would start beating soon and I immediately ran outside to tell Grant and then there was crying and more hugging ;)

I called the clinic later since I wasn't exactly sure how long my cycles were, etc and what I was supposed to do next and they had me come in for some blood tests. My HCG level was 1701 so I was indeed pregnant! Now we just have to hope that number doubles at the next test!

Today might be 15 dpo?

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