Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jelly Making and Fourth of July Weekend at Little Birch!

The holiday weekend started off with Suzette and I picking berries to make jelly!

Mmmm strawberry rhubarb!

Ella and I getting ready to go do stuff outside after the jelly action was done...

... stuff like taking Frosty out for a ride around the yard!

Ella loves Frosty ;) Also pictured are Leidy, Doji and Cody

The boys were doing their own 'stuff' outside like hauling hay bales. Grant loves farm work ;)

My turn for a Frosty ride! Mostly I just wanted to see if I could still get on a horse bareback ;)

These two look a little worn out after their time at the farm ;) Ella and Leidy

Lunch at the lake!  Mom, Paul, Marla, Heather, Me, Suzette, Dad

More lunchers - with back towards the camera = Heather, Me and Marla.  Facing the camera = Gary, Mike, Darrell and Jake.

Tball practice! Jake, Leidy, Grant and Ella

Tubing! Cody, Grant, Me and Jake

Ella and Dad going for a jet ski ride

Jake and Me

Grant and Cody

While we were gone apparently Leidy was going nutty over the buoy that was floating where the jet ski anchor is ;) She really wanted to fetch it but it wouldn't move!

Bear, Mom, Me, Ruby and Uncle Darrell

Dad, Marla, Leidy and Gary

Bear enjoying his time at the lake

Leidy, the other black dog

Gary caught himself a bass!

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