Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tracy Arm Fjord, Inside Passage, Alaska

The next morning we got up early so we could get a spot to watch when we started going into the Tracy Arm Fjord. Apparently we were some of the few crazies who got up early to see the sights in the cold ;) We didn't have any trouble getting our favorite spot and chairs!

We lucked out with another great day of sunshine to see the fjord!

See ... no crowds of people ;) They must be all at the buffet!

It seems a little crazy to drive an enormous ship into a little fjord. But I guess it works out ;)

So pretty!

Clark braving the chilly morning to see the views.

The Sawyer Glacier - we couldn't get any closer to it because of the ice flow that day but it was cool to see zoomed in on the camera ;)

A little seal swimming around the ice

And then they started turning the enormous ship around. It seriously seemed so narrow in the fjord that I swore we were going to hit the edge ;)

But it turns out the fjord must be much more giant than it seemed because then another cruise ship passed us ;)  And look how tiny it looks compared to the walls of the fjord!

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