Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Beginning of our Alaskan Cruise - Seattle, WA

Grant's dad, Gary, retired this year so we all went on an Alaskan cruise to celebrate! We flew to Seattle, WA on Saturday to spend the night and then board the ship on Sunday. Here's Molly, Clark, Marla, Grant and Gary. This was Clark and Molly's first attempt at flying together :) All went well and Clark made it on the plane!!

Hmm do you think that's Bozeman, MT down there?! Hi Johnsons! ;)

We could see Mt Rainier before landing!

Survived the flight - now waiting to get off and hoping all their luggage, wheelchair and gear made it ;)  Everything ended up making it - just had to search a little for everything since we were the last ones off and the luggage was already off the baggage claim when we got there!  Then we took the lightrail from the airport to University street to check in to the hotel W Seattle where we stayed the night. 

Taking a stroll down to the water front for supper after checking in to our hotel. That's Marla and Grant coming down the hill wit the rest of the crew behind them - it was really hilly!


Ivar's fish bar for supper!

Yummm ... the food was so good!

Eating some delicious seafood - that's Grant, Me, Marla, Gary, Molly and Clark's aunt. Clark was next to Molly but didn't make the pic ;)

After supper Grant and I caught a cab to go up to Kerry Park where we read you can get a view of the city and sometimes Rainier if the clouds aren't out. It was a tiny park but the view was cool!  We could just barely see Mt Rainier to the right of the city.

We decided to walk back to the water front since it was all downhill ;) When we got back down we called the rest of the crew and they were waiting for us so we could get on the 'Great Wheel'. To speed up our walk we flagged down one of the bicyclers pulling a cart and got a ride!

That thing is tall! We got a little VIP treatment and got to the front of the line thanks to Clark ;)

It was cool to look out over the city but it was also slightly freaky when it started really moving once all the people were loaded on!  Going up and around the top was slightly scary because it was all glass and felt like we were falling!! eeeeee!!! We had a fun afternoon and evening checking out Seattle!

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