Sunday, June 16, 2013

Seattle Part 2 and First Night on Board the Ship

The next morning we decided to take a stroll to Pike's Place Market to check it out since we didn't have to be on the ship until the afternoon. All was going well until we got ALMOST to the market and Clark's chair stopped. Well, it didn't stop but it would only go in circles because one of the motors stopped. Many phone calls, answering machines, and city helpers later (keep in mind it's Sunday and no repair shops are open), Molly and Clark got a ride back to the hotel to pack up and regroup. The rest of us checked out the market and then walked back to the hotel to pack up.

Unfortunately there really wasn't anything we could do except push Clark in his chair onto the ship and hope someone could fix it at one of the ports! Keep in mind that electric wheelchair isn't light! I think they said something like 600lbs with Clark and the chair?! Good work, Grant ;)

Grant and Clark took the VIP check-in since Grant was the designated chair-pusher.  So, we all got slightly separated throughout the process.  Here's Molly and I checking in after getting through the line and some excitement with passports, etc since we were separated from the husbands but, of course, had each other's stuff ;) lol

Making our way up the ramp to the ship we looked back and saw Marla and Gary!  And they took our picture ;)

Getting settled in our room. We had an interior room - it was nice! There was this sleeping area with a desk and TV and then behind where I'm standing was a closet and bathroom.

Scoping out the ship - there was an outdoor movie theatre and several pools and hot tubs!

Hanging out at the back of the ship checking out the views of Seattle while waiting to leave port.

Of course one of the first things we did was go to the BUFFET! OMG - there is SO MUCH FOOD on these ships!  Grant, Clark, Molly, Gary and Marla

Marla and Grant checking out the mountains as we leave Seattle

And the cruise begins!

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