Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Juneau, AK

After cruising through the Tracy Arm Fjord in the morning, we arrived in Juneau to spend the afternoon/evening. First we all got on the Mt. Robert's tram for a ride up the mountain!

Pretty views!

At the end of the tram we split up - Grant and I continued up the mountain on a hike while the rest of the crew checked out the area around the tram.

There was still snow on the trail!

It was a little steep - but a good hike!

Trying to capture the steepness - and the pretty mountain ranges all around!

The higher we got, the more peaks we could see in the distance.

We were on a time limit so we eventually turned around to head back so we wouldn't miss the ship!

You're so strong, Grant ;)

There's me ;)

We met up with the rest of the crew back in town and checked out some stores before going back to the ship!

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