Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Stop: Ketchikan, AK

Our first stop was Ketchikan, AK.  We arrived bright and early with some nice blue skies!

Cute little town built at the edge of the water

The activity of the day was trying out a little zip-lining! Marla stayed back on the boat with Clark while the rest of us hopped on a bus and then a four wheel drive truck thing to get to the start of the zip line. Here's Molly getting hooked up to practice!

Weeeeee! Here comes Grant!

Now it's my turn!  Fun!

Gary even went along ;) We had a good time zipping, walking the rope bridge, watching eagles and even saw a black bear wandering below us for awhile!

After the zip line excursion we met up with Marla and Clark to walk along the little historic 'Creek Street'. Molly got a phone call from a fixer place while we were walking so they went back to the ship to have someone look at Clark's wheelchair.

While they did that, Grant and I took a city bus to check out the totem poles at the Saxman Native Village just a few miles from town.

It started to sprinkle so we went back to town to get some food and then when it started raining harder we walked around and looked in some shops until it was time to go back to the ship.  We were starting to wonder what the verdict with the wheelchair was ...

This was the scene back at the ship earlier while we were checking out the totem poles ... can he fix it?!

Back on the ship there was sunshine and big smiles because the CHAIR WAS FIXED! WOOT! No more pushing and Clark could go where he wanted again ;)  whew!

Everyone had a good day in Ketchikan!

On to the next adventure!

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