Monday, June 17, 2013

Alaskan Cruise - First Full Day at Sea

The first day was a full day at sea. So, we spent the morning doing a little working out (it's slightly challenging running on a treadmill if there are any waves making the ship rock ;) and then we found some breakfast at the buffet (it's not hard to find food at any time of day ;).

It was a gorgeous sunny day!

Don't be fooled - it was nice and sunny but it wasn't a tropical cruise ;) So, we did some sun bathing in our jackets, jeans and shoes!

It was nice and relaxing to just lounge around and watch for animals - we saw lots of dolphins, whales, seals, etc!  See that one?!  I think that's a whale... or maybe dolphin?  ;)

Later on Grant played in a basketball tournament - his team won ;)

That night was one of two formal dinners. Here's the fam all dressed up! Grant, Me, Molly, Marla, Gary and Clark in the front.  Note that poor Clark's chair still wasn't fixed :( The electrician people on the ship had it at this point and were seeing if they could figure anything out. So, Clark had a manual chair for a little while. Of course, they had no idea how to fix it so brought it back later still broken.

Molly and Clark

Grant and Me

Marla and Gary

We spent some time hanging out and listening to bands in this bar - the Wheelhouse bar

The rest of the Schnells spent a lot of time in the casino ;) It was a hit!

That evening we all went to the music/dance/comedian show. Good times!

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