Saturday, June 29, 2013

Erik Grove & Nicole: Married!

Grant, Leidy and I road tripped to Ashland, WI to celebrate with Erik and Nicole! On Friday we went for a little hike before the festivities started.

Lake Superior

Leidy went for a swim

Actually, Leidy AND Grant both went for a swim ;) It was a little too cold for me to hop in!

Pretty waterfalls

We camped for the weekend - here's Leidy playing fetch back at camp!

A little slacklining in the park

Then it was time for rehearsal. And, Leidy got to attend her first wedding ;)

Grant got a harmonica! He's always wanted one! Thanks, Erik!!

The next day while Grant was busy with wedding things, Leidy and I went for a hike with some of Erik's friends.

Enjoying the waterfall

A little scenic overlook

Time for the wedding! It was a perfect day and the wedding was beautiful! There's Erik waiting patiently.

Here comes Grant ;)

Erik and Nicole

The guys


Erik and Grant! The reception was in a barn next to where the outdoor wedding was - and it was decorated so cute! Why don't I have a picture of the inside??

Where the outdoor ceremony was

Playing fetch with Leidy!

Congrats Erik and Nicole!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Seattle, WA Revisited

When we got back to Seattle we took one last 'excursion'. We took a bus tour that brought us to the Space Needle, Pike's Place Market and through a few other historic/interesting places in the city before dropping us off at the airport. It was convenient because we could leave our luggage on the bus while we went on the Space Needle, etc.

Looking down from the Space Needle.  The buildings around it have fun artsy things on the roofs.  See the giant spiders?

Seattle from the Needle

The usual selfie!

What do you see, Grant?

What a fun time! But why does it always go so fast?! Thanks for a great trip everyone!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

At Sea and Victoria, BC

Today was a gorgeous day! We spent the first part at sea.

We finally decided to check out one of the many hot tubs.

This is what sunbathing looks like on an Alaskan cruise - pants, shoes and jackets ;)  Also, this was our usual spot on the ship - if we didn't know where anyone was we could usually check the casino or this spot to find someone ;)  Clark, Molly, Gary, Marla

One last trip to the dining room for some fancy food!

That evening we stopped at Victoria, BC

The city has some cool architecture and a London feel.

The four of us walked into town to check out the parliament building ... and a bar ;) - Clark, Molly, Grant, Me


Friday, June 21, 2013

A Day at Sea

Today we spent the day at sea. We did lots of random activities around the ship - well, first we slept in - a lot ;) Those dark, inside rooms with no windows sure are good for sleeping ;) Then we worked out, got some breakfast and just hung out. In the evening we went to the dining room for a formal dinner (as opposed to the all-you-can-eat buffet we'd usually been hitting up)!  Clark trying out some new menu choices ;)

Lobster for Gary ... mmmm...

Marla and Grant

The 'Baked Alaska' dessert parade

Just us!

The whole family dressed up!

Grabbing a drink before heading to the comedian show for the evening!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Skagway, AK

Our third port was Skagway and our first activity there was the White Pass Scenic Rail. It was accessible so we all got to go on the ride!

Here we go!

Marla checking out some photo ops

Pretty scenery

Woooo! A cool trestle bridge and tunnel.

The accessible car all to ourselves ;) - Molly, Gary, Me and Grant

Hahaa! - Clark, Grant and Marla

After the train ride we split up for the rest of the day. Grant's friend from college, Tyler, met up with us and took Grant and I on a little tour. First stop, the bar for a quick beer ;)

Next stop, a little nature/speed boat ride.  Or wait, maybe we're going on a space shuttle?!

Bald Eagle - there are tons of these in Alaska! They're big too ;)

Seals - you can see the mom's white face and the baby is to the left of her.

And then ... OMG!!! A whale!!! This pic is blurry but it's for perspective of how close it came!

So cool!

Eeeeee! Who knew we'd get to do some whale watching close up?!

Us, our space suits, and a pretty waterfall!

Tyler and Grant

The speedy little boat - you sit on those chairs like a horse. It's kind of like a jet ski for 15 people!

After the boat tour we hiked out to a little lookout to have an Alaskan brew ;) Thanks for the hospitality, Tyler! We had a fun time!

Back on the ship there were pretty views all around leaving Skagway.

A glacier.

Another glacier - flowing between the mountains.


What a fun day! PS - can you believe we saw a whale so close?! Cool!
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