Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Chilly Memorial Day at Little Birch

The crew hung out at the cabin on Little Birch for Memorial Day weekend. It was not warm. Actually it was pretty cold ;) We moved camp from down by the lake to on top of the hill by Darrell and Suzette's camper because it was sooo windy and cold by the lake!  Here's a panorama of the campsite with Ella and Cody playing soccer on the left and then me, Jake, Grant, Ruby, Suzette, Darrell, Leidy, Dad and Mom.

I like this picture ;) Ella cracks me up - see how her legs are straight out holding her plate? heh

Suzette, Bear and Ruby

Me, Chris and Mom

Leidy had a hard time containing herself with all the soccer ball kicking and bean bag throwing that was going on

Ella and Jake discussing bean bags

Mom, Dad and Heather ;) heh

Ella rode with us to the cabin and stayed to party for the weekend - having some French toast one morning!

Since it was cold we did a lot of hanging out in the cabin. And the cabin's not that big ;) lol So, we all squish onto this one couch - Ella, Jake, Grant, Cody, Suzette.  Leidy's wondering where her spot is.

Ella's weekend consisted of a lot of fishing, digging in the sand (when she could get someone to stay by the lake with her long enough in the coldness ;) and playing soccer. She did a lot of soccer playing one night even into the darkness. She just kept running and kicking and we thought she'd never wear out!

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