Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter Camping in the Chippewa National Forest, MN

Grant and I took Friday off work and made our way to near Grand Rapids (Suomi Hills area) to winter camp for the weekend with Leidy! Here we are loading up the pulks getting ready to go.

Grant pulling a Paris sled

That's me - I was pulling a Snowclipper

What a gorgeous day!
Grant and Leidy

Leidy and Me

We went about 3 miles in to find a campsite

Leidy had lots of fun in the snow - it was a little work for her but she kept leading the way!

Our tracks as the sun started to set

Supper time! Don't be fooled - our fingers were frozen at this point after setting up camp and finding firewood ;)


Leidy was EXHAUSTED! She kept almost falling over while we were sitting around the woodstove ;)

Just hanging out

The next day we went for a little ski outing across the lake to a historic building site

Looking back across the lake to our campsite

We hung out and had lunch in one of the buildings. Leidy was having some trouble with snowballs in her paws - need to get her some booties!

When we got back to camp we played around in the woods and hills by our site - heh heh - it was pretty funny skiing down the hills in our xcountry skis! We're not very good ;) Or at least I'm not!

We turned our phones on that evening to check the weather and there was lots of talk about an impending blizzard on Sunday when we were going to be packing up. So, we went to bed early and, sure enough, woke up to some heavy snow. We packed up and headed out hoping our car wouldn't be stuck in the parking lot ;)  It was still snowing hard when we left camp!

It wasn't snowing as hard when we got close to the parking lot - and our car wasn't stuck!

Leidy worked hard trekking through all that snow and needed a nap on the way home! We were still getting lots of texts about the 'blizzard' and it was looking like we would run into some heavier snow and wind when we got farther south. But, it was looking ok so far.

Hey! We found the BLIZZARD! :)

The snow and wind did increase as we got farther south and, when we were almost home we decided to take the cut across road to our house, which we discovered wasn't plowed ;) I thought we were going to be stuck in our two wheel drive car for sure! But, we made it through that.  BUT THEN we got to our driveway and half way down it got stuck! Ha!

So, we packed up our pulks and unloaded the car ;) lol

What a fun weekend!

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  1. Yes, some more Grant & Ashley's Adventure blogs! I really enjoy the reading!

    Yes, Mother Nature keeps you guessing on these trips! I remember texting as you headed home on this trip.


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