Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snowmobiling the Big Horns Day 3

On the last day we got to a spot where there was a cut across Grant knew about so we took that while Gary and Parkis continued on down the trail.

Pretty snow

We met up again back on the trail and made our way up this giant hill - those two specs at the bottom are Gary and Parkis!

Parkis even ventured up

Gary decided to head back at one point because he was getting tired. So, the other three of us continued on and found these nice meadows to play in

Grant looked for a way to keep going through the trees but, um, got a little stuck ;)

Later on we took another logging road that no one had been on - it was nice! Parkis got stuck one more time but I was able to help him out ;)

It was a good trip with lots of good snow!

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