Monday, February 25, 2013

Snowmobiling the Big Horns Day 2

Day number 2, we found a little more snow which equaled stuck for me...

... and stuck for Gary!

hmmm ... and stuck for Grant!

And then we saw this nice logging road that no one had been on. So, we went on it - and Gary and Parkis came along because we said it was a 'road/trail' ;) heh... but not exactly the road they were imagining (road/trail to them = groomed trail). There was a little meadow down off the logging road so Grant and I turned off to check it out ... we later realized we should have told the other two to stay on the logging road because they got stuck as soon as they turned off ;) And then Grant and I got really stuck many times in the little meadow (that's Grant in the meadow below) so it took us a long time to get back to the other two ... and they were still digging themselves out from their first stuck ... so, it was good they didn't make it to get stuck in the meadow ... lol ...

And this was the way out of the meadow ... which Grant made on his first try but I didn't quite ;)  Eventually we all got out and back on our way! 

Grant cruising through another big open meadow

How fun is that?!


Gary's last stuck of the day!

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