Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snowmobiling the Big Horns Day 1

Grant, Grant's dad Gary, a friend of their family Parkis, and I all loaded up to ride in the Big Horns for a few days!

It was snowing when we arrived and it snowed quite a bit while we were there which made for some good riding!

We stayed in one of the suites in the lodge.

The first day of riding - that's Grant playing around on a hill

Parkis' first day riding in the mountains - he learned about side-hilling pretty quick!

Gary cruising through a meadow

Grant in some nice snow

This is what we come for ;)

Ahhh powder ;) That's Grant in the cloud of snow

Going up to Freeze Out Point

Grant, Parkis, Gary

Grant and Me

Gary got a little stuck one more time for the day

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