Tuesday, January 1, 2013

North Fork to South Fork Cut Through - Snowmobiling Togwotee Pass, WY

The day started off with a bright, sunny morning at the cabin we rented near Dubois! There are two deer hiding in that tall grass if you can spot them ;)

Here's us!

Mom waiting patiently...

... while the boys play around on a hill ... that's Dad

Grant and Jake looking guilty

Good one, Grant ;)

Loren didn't quite make it ... and neither did Grant ;)

Sometimes rolling over is just easier than digging!

Grant perfecting his side-hilling skills.

Jake going up a hill...

... Jake stuck on a hill ;)


Pretty sure this is the spot where I missed a good photo op ;) Shortly after these two got Grant unstuck, Grant went to help Jake get turned around and Jake hit the throttle and filled Grant with snow ;) by accident! heehee

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