Sunday, January 27, 2013

Minnesota Vintage Snowmobiling!

Suzette, Jake and Grant getting them lined up!

Grant and Cody sporting their vintage gear

The whole crew - in the back on the left is Loren, Jake and a few others.  That's Uncle Glenn in the front of them and Grant in the middle.  The other side in the front is Uncle Darrell and Suzette.

Here comes Grant! And that's Darrell on the right.


Suzette and Spaeth

Haha! Uncle Darrell in the front ;)
Good times ;)  the only way to snowmobile in MN ;)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Random Schnell Pet Photos

Aww ... I love our animals ;) Here's Leidy after we picked her up when we got back from the snowmobiling trip! We missed her :) She's exhausted from spending the week playing with Zoey!

And here are the kitties all snuggled up together - we missed them too!

Look at these two! How cute is that?? I always wanted a puppy dog and kitty cat who were friends! These two are best buds ... most of the time ;)  They like to hang out and they even play together!  This was in the middle of January ...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Finding the Jeep Trail

Grant likes to print off the google maps aerial view of whatever mountain range we're riding in and then study it for months before we go to find backcountry spots. This year he saw a jeep trail that he talked about over and over and over. So, the joke of the trip whenever we were somewhere was 'is this the jeep trail?' or 'are we going to the jeep trail?'. Turns out, the last day our destination WAS the jeep trail and we DID find it ;) And here I am stuck while we were trying to find it ... the rest of the crew had already left for MN so it was just Dad, Me and Grant (Mom went shopping in town for the day so Grant rode her sled ;).

Dad checking out the views in an open meadow.

Grant getting himself stuck... and then unstuck cuz there was no way I was going there to help him!

Dad's turn to be stuck!

Nice view up high.

Grant trying more tricks ... he watches too many snowmobile videos ;)

The jeep trail ;)

We followed a ravine off of the jeep trail and then Grant got stuck more ;)

Mom met us back at the trailer to pick us up and on the way back to the cabin look what we saw! How cool is that!? Two bull moose fighting! Here they stopped to look at us. Don't worry - they were a long ways away and down in a creek bed (we were up by the road).

That's cool - we could even hear their horns clinking together!

A good day to end the trip with!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

East Leidy

Today was an eventful day going to East Leidy. Here's Grant playing around in a spot where we were all stopped because something happened to Darrell's snowmobile.

When we finally made it to East Leidy, the guys were climbing and Russ hit a tree... which meant back to the trailer for us!  So... I only have two pictures from today :)  If you look closely you can see everyone in the middle of the pic behind the trees assessing the damage before coming down the hill.  It was still able to be driven back to the trailer ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Snowmobiling Leidy Mountain!

Jake and Loren's turn to make breakfast! Ha! They look so serious making their just-add-water waffles ;)

A gorgeous day to go to our favorite mountain: Leidy mountain! Yes, that's our dog's name ;)

Playing in some meadows on the way. Mt Moran in the background.

Sunshine and snow - doesn't get much better!

A little glimpse of the Grand Teton!

Uncle Darrell





Mom and Russ

What a view! See everyone in the lower right of the pic?

Made it to Leidy!

We spotted a moose on the way back!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

North Fork to South Fork Cut Through - Snowmobiling Togwotee Pass, WY

The day started off with a bright, sunny morning at the cabin we rented near Dubois! There are two deer hiding in that tall grass if you can spot them ;)

Here's us!

Mom waiting patiently...

... while the boys play around on a hill ... that's Dad

Grant and Jake looking guilty

Good one, Grant ;)

Loren didn't quite make it ... and neither did Grant ;)

Sometimes rolling over is just easier than digging!

Grant perfecting his side-hilling skills.

Jake going up a hill...

... Jake stuck on a hill ;)


Pretty sure this is the spot where I missed a good photo op ;) Shortly after these two got Grant unstuck, Grant went to help Jake get turned around and Jake hit the throttle and filled Grant with snow ;) by accident! heehee
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