Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Snowmobiling Albany, WY (with baby Schnell on board ;)

The crew (Darrell, Suzette, Jake, Cody, Mom, Dad, Grant and Me) all spent the week snowmobiling in Albany, WY!

Getting suited up on 12/27/13!

Cody waiting patiently (or not) for everyone to get ready!


Dad and Suzette

Grant and Jake


It's not as easy to navigate while pregnant ;) Cody helped me out!

Darrell, Suzette, Grant, Mom

Supper time! Mom, Dad, Darrell, Jake, Grant, Cody and Suzette

12/28/13 - Cody appears to be stuck ;)



Which way do we go, guys? ;)

Helping Mom get unstuck

Movie night!

12/29/13: Libby Flats today for part of the crew



Cody's stuck

Mom and I stayed back and went for a walk and then drove to Centennial to check out some shops. Suzette also stayed back and hung out at the cabin. The previous days the bumpy trail was causing me a lot of Braxton Hicks and just general discomfort. The route today supposedly involved more trail riding so figured I'd avoid it (even though I don't like to miss the action ;)

12/30/13: Destination: Keystone Creek
Grant and I getting ready to go

We rented the downstairs half of this house right by Albany Lodge

So much snow! Cody and Jake

Darrell, Cody and Dad



Darrell and Grant

Jake and Cody

12/31/13: Rob Roy Resevoir




Grant again

Apparently you're only 'stuck' if someone else has to help you get unstuck. So, Grant is trying to prove that he's only mobily impaired by digging himself out of this one ;) heh - we can't even see your sled?!

Cody's stuck ;)

and Grant's stuck... again!


I caught a lot of stuck people on camera this year... probably because I didn't drive around and get myself stuck as much as usual!

Jake's stuck too

Relaxing at the cabin

Out to eat for New Year's!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day at the Schnells and the farm

Christmas morning at the Schnells!

Gary and Grant

Leidy and Marla

We spent Christmas afternoon at the farm hanging out and driving the vintage snowmobiles. Apparently I didn't take any pictures though - this is Ella and I getting ready to go out for a snowmobile ride!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

20 Weeks!

Half way there already!
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