Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas at the Stanleys

We celebrated Christmas with Mom, Dad and the Stanleys on Sunday night. Here's Grant chilling with Ruby before supper ;) Dad was flying in from Philly and was scheduled to arrive so he could join the party but his flights, etc kept getting delayed :(

Leidy was at the Christmas party!

Ella opened a LOT of presents this night. Mostly because she was in charge of (or made herself in charge of ;) opening EVERYONE's presents ;)

New food processor for the Stanleys!

Ella loving Mom's new family calendar ;)

New winter running gear - getting Ella's approval after she had me put the headband over the top of the hat ;)

Ha! Mom and Grant sporting their new Christmas garb ;)  Yes, those are Zubaz!

Dad made it! So then Ella had to help him open his gifts - but at this point she was way past her bedtime and a little goofy ;)
Let the Christmas festivities continue!!  ....

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