Friday, November 23, 2012

Our Christmas Tree!

We like to try to cut our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving - I figure we get the most use out of it that way :) The last few years we've been going to a place near Rice where you cut your own but the trees are slightly out of control and are gigantic. So, it's quite affordable and usually a little adventurous ;) ... just how we like it! lol ... so what you do is, show up to this old farm place, hunt down a giant tree that you like the top of, cut the top off and viola! You have your affordable cut-your-own Christmas tree!

After cutting it down

Leidy on her first Christmas tree hunt

The tree being decorated at home ...while the kitties plot their attack ;) They're actually a lot better now at leaving the tree alone. Usually there are just some random ornaments on the ground every once in awhile but I try to leave the bottom part ornament-free to deter them.

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