Friday, October 12, 2012

Horse Pack Camping Trip

Jake, Cody and Grant loading up for our annual fall 'horse pack' camping trip!  This is why I say 'pack trip' - we kinda cheat ;) This year Vandy pulled all our gear in the wagon :)

Vandy's ready to go!

On our way to the campsite! That's Jake on Rumor and ahead of him is uncle Darrell and Vandy. I'm riding Indy - those are his ears ;)

Cody on Frosty and Grant on Ransom bringing up the rear. That's uncle Glenn's farm in the background.

Cody's excited ;)

Setting up camp!

Such hard work this horse pack camping is ;)  Leidy, Jake, Grant and uncle Darrell around the campfire ring we just made.

Uncle Darrell trying to start a fire?! lol

Leidy was exhausted! She ran the whole way with us ;) Actually, she ran, jumped and hopped down the road and through the tall grass and trees - tough work for a little dog!

On our way back the next day.

Grant on Ransom, Cody on Frosty and Jake on Rumor.

Leidy leading the way for Vandy, Darrell and Grant with Ransom!

I was with too ;) Here's Cody and Me

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