Friday, October 26, 2012

Winter Camping Symposium

Grant, Ed and I spent the day at the Winter Camping Symposium at Camp Miller! Ed did a presentation on Ultralight Hot Tent Camping with Grant's assistance.

Discussing the tent that Grant and Ed made

Ed presenting

A good turnout!

After Ed's presentation we attended a few others. Leidy got to be in a harness for the first time! She was a little afraid to volunteer at first ;)

Once she started practicing she was good to go!  Of course as long as she got to sniff everything ;)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

2nd Annual Schnell Fall Fest!

We had everyone out for some chili, biking, activities and just to hang out!  Here's Dad and Ed visiting at the party.

Ella's ready to go play!

Ruby chillin' with Suzette

Uncle Darrell and Gary discussing something important I'm sure ;)

Molly and Mom Marla

Mom and Me

There was a lot of visiting and eating...

... and mountain biking

Molly trying out the trail

Cody going over one of the hard spots


Jake's having a good time ;)

Then some climbing took place - Ella's trying it out!




Ruby got passed around a lot ;)

There was more visiting ...

and pumpkin painting!

Cody hard at work

Molly's masterpiece

More paint!

Landon, Marilyn and Ella

Molly's turn with Ruby

Mom likes to let Leidy sit on her lap ;) 

And the night ended with some butt darts ;)

Thanks everyone for coming!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Horse Pack Camping Trip

Jake, Cody and Grant loading up for our annual fall 'horse pack' camping trip!  This is why I say 'pack trip' - we kinda cheat ;) This year Vandy pulled all our gear in the wagon :)

Vandy's ready to go!

On our way to the campsite! That's Jake on Rumor and ahead of him is uncle Darrell and Vandy. I'm riding Indy - those are his ears ;)

Cody on Frosty and Grant on Ransom bringing up the rear. That's uncle Glenn's farm in the background.

Cody's excited ;)

Setting up camp!

Such hard work this horse pack camping is ;)  Leidy, Jake, Grant and uncle Darrell around the campfire ring we just made.

Uncle Darrell trying to start a fire?! lol

Leidy was exhausted! She ran the whole way with us ;) Actually, she ran, jumped and hopped down the road and through the tall grass and trees - tough work for a little dog!

On our way back the next day.

Grant on Ransom, Cody on Frosty and Jake on Rumor.

Leidy leading the way for Vandy, Darrell and Grant with Ransom!

I was with too ;) Here's Cody and Me

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Babysitting :)

First time babysitting Ella AND Ruby :)

Ohhh look at little baby Ruby!

My nieces! Love them :)

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