Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day at Little Birch and our New Niece Ruby!

Leidy was so excited that all the cousin dogs came out to play at the cabin for a little while on Labor Day weekend! That's Liedy with Doji and Willy.

Leidy and Lucy swimming in circles probably looking for the ball.

Mike, Ella, Me and Heather (not long before the Stanleys made their way to the hospital because little Ruby was about to arrive!)

Ella stayed to hang out with us while her parents were at the hospital.

Oh ya know just doing the usual cabin thing and scooping water into buckets and then dumping it out ;)

The next morning Ella found out she had a new baby sister, Ruby Mae!

Meeting Ruby for the first time

Grant, Jake, Cody and I had planned to go biking at Cuyuna this day so we made a detour to visit the Stanleys!  Here's Heather, Cody, Grant, Me, Ruby, Jake and Dad.

Our new niece!

Cody had been hoping for a boy but I think he's adjusting ;) Here's Jake, Cody, Me and Ella

Ruby Mae Stanley :)

Ella stayed with us until Ruby came home. She wanted to play the guitar so here's Grant singing to her before bedtime!

We went to visit Ruby again the next day and Ella got to open a bunch of presents - so exciting being a big sister ;)

Grant decided he could hold Ruby now that there wasn't an audience ;)

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  1. AAAAH! i hadn't seen some of these pics of the new big sister before! hee heeeee!!


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