Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Happenings

Just some random fall pics! Grant loves the shirt he got from the Stanleys for his bday ;)

My attempt at some fall decorations at home - we grew those pumpkins!  And about 30 more of them ;)

Our cute nieces Ruby and Ella

Thomsen's Pumpkin Day with the Stanleys!

Ella painting her pumpkin

Heh heh ... checking out the bouncy thing

The swingset is usually the highlight of the trip ;) Ella loves to slide!

Next up: the swings!

Happy fall!

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  1. I love the shirt the Stanley's gave Grant! Gary & I were just talking about tenting...but we have to look for some really good cots first...the ground just isn't our bag anymore!!! Always enjoy the blogs, Ash! And I noticed the Alaska countdown!


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