Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip!

Loaded up and ready to go! Leidy's patiently waiting for her first canoe trip!

We left after work so got to Ely kinda late and just slept in the back of the Vibe in a parking lot ;) It was slightly crowded now that we've added the pooch to our camping crew! Here we are at the put-in on Moose Lake (Entry Point 25) the next morning!

Our little family ready for the trip ;) There was a chatty guy down by the lake who insisted on taking our picture.  Thanks, guy!

Beautiful day in the BWCA!

What a good canoe dog!  On our last BWCA trip we talked about getting a dog we could bring with canoeing - and here she is!  At that time we thought we would name him/her Portage - that didn't quite pan out - that face doesn't look like a Portage, right?  Miss Leidy Mountain is more like it ;)

A bald eagle!

Grant navigating the map at the one portage we had the first day (between Sucker and Birch Lake) while Leidy goes for a swim, as usual.

Our camp spot for the night on Birch Lake!  It's a big lake - we paddled most of it and camped at the Northeast end right before the portage to Carp Lake. 

So pretty!

Our campsite.  At some point in the middle of the night we heard people on the other side of the lake yelling. Leidy barked a little and Grant got all pumped up thinking a bear was going to be coming. He was shaking so bad he couldn't stop! LOL! No bears came this time though ;)

How we spend afternoons in the BWCA ;) Nap time!

A little fog on the lake the next morning.

Leidy posing for her senior picture while we pack up camp!

We lucked out with either a tail wind or no wind at all the whole trip!  Leidy loved to watch our paddles in the water and sometimes try to bite at them ;)  She also didn't quite get the concept of sitting in the middle of the canoe so when she'd lay down we had to compensate by scooting over the other direction!

Isn't this a cool pic with the clouds in the sky and also reflecting in the lake?  Several times on the trip we'd stop paddling and just listen to the silence... mmm ... nice.

Leidy after one of the portages. She had to carry her own food and if there was another portage coming up shortly we left her pack on. Grant's in the back navigating again - good thing he knows where he's going!  Or is good at faking it ;)

Pretty portage spot (I think this is one of the portages after Carp Lake before Knife on the US/Canada border - the maps were a little confusing and we think we portaged a couple more times than the map shows).

Ha haa! Love that face. Looks like she's saying 'but mooommm..... I don't wanna carry this pack!'

Break time on a 200 rod portage from Knife to Vera Lake!  We did several portages this day and this one was the longest and was also steep and rocky at times.  One spot was a smooth rock slab uphill that was a bit tricky to navigate in wet boots/shoes ;)

Grant! Get that thing in the water!

Our next campsite.  We spent the second night on the northern shore of Vera Lake and this is just after a swim in the FREEZING cold water ;) Both of our BWCA trips now we've brought a book along and read it out loud to each other - it's fun :) There's probably an underlying reason why we only bring one book - Grant doesn't want to bring any more weight than we have to - ha!

Drying everything out - it all gets frosty at night and when we pack up right away in the morning it doesn't get a chance to dry out.

Relaxing around the campfire.

The next morning started out really foggy - but the sun rise looked pretty cool.

And once the sun burned off the fog it was even more awesome!  How cool is this view??  And again, a calm day!

Yeah, I know, we are really stylin' when we go canoe trippin' ;)  But hey, I was glad to have dry, warm feet this trip :)

And if you thought my outfit was nice ... ;)

Leidy doing her morning yoga and meditation. She loves it in the woods.

A long 180 rod portage between Vera and Ensign Lake with pretty views of the lakes in the distance.

We were supposed to stay another night but instead we ended up doing a marathon paddle the last day to the take-out. We thought maybe the last night we were going to stay on Ensign but since we had such good weather we made it a lot farther than we thought we would the first two nights.  If you've read some of our other trip posts maybe you're seeing a pattern. Once we start heading for the car Grant gets these crazy ideas that we should just go all the way out instead of staying another night. And then I get really tired (and sun burnt this time!  At the end of September?!) and when I get tired I'm not the most happy camper and then he regrets his decision lol!  Note to self - we should plan to stay multiple nights at the same camp spot and this might not happen to us ;) 

Cool reflections in the lake.  Before we got to the take-out we took a little lunch break on a tiny island.  There were TONS of dried up crayfish things that Leidy was having a ball eating - how gross!  She wouldn't stop!

Aww... goodbye until next time, Boundary Waters!

The good thing about coming out of the BWCA early when we put-in at Ely is we get to visit with Uncle Kevin and Auntie Jean! We called them up to let them know we were out a day early so we met up for supper and then stayed the night :) That's always a fun visit - thanks for the hospitality!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Happenings

Just some random fall pics! Grant loves the shirt he got from the Stanleys for his bday ;)

My attempt at some fall decorations at home - we grew those pumpkins!  And about 30 more of them ;)

Our cute nieces Ruby and Ella

Thomsen's Pumpkin Day with the Stanleys!

Ella painting her pumpkin

Heh heh ... checking out the bouncy thing

The swingset is usually the highlight of the trip ;) Ella loves to slide!

Next up: the swings!

Happy fall!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Single Track at our House

Just doing a little riding on our single track trail!

Grant, Molly and Me making a few rounds on the trail

I made it over the first part of this technical spot but not the second ;)

Grant Walter doing all the tricks

Molly trying it out!

He loves his new bike ;)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend in Wausau, WI

This weekend was just like the good old days road tripping with the Johnsons except we seem to have upgraded a few things ;) We used to jam pack every piece of camping, climbing and kayaking gear we had into the back of their Taurus with the four of us (because we seem to always try to fit every activity into two days ;) OR need to bring it with just in case we can fit it in lol!). This time we added two dogs and four bikes to the camping gear and kayaks in the Jeep to make our way to Wausau, WI!

Grant, Brody, Cory and some others ran the rapids at the whitewater park on Saturday.

There's Grant!

We stopped to bike at Lebanon Hills on Sunday - a really fun place to ride!
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