Sunday, August 19, 2012

We did a lot of gardening in July and August ...

Most days there was something to pick, can or freeze from the garden! Also, there were weeds to pull and watering to be done! Here's a pile of green beans ready to be cleaned, cut, blanched and froze!

My gardening buddy (when Grant's working late ;)

Mmm... the best meal of the summer! BLTs with fresh tomatoes along with some sweet corn :)

Check out this crazy bug that scared the **** out of me when I was picking tomatoes! It was giant!! Grant wasn't home so I called Mom for advice (she's quite the bug guru, you know ;). But, she was at a meeting so I talked to Dad and we thought it could be a lunar moth caterpillar (but actually the internet shows it could be a tomato hornworm which turns into a 5 spotted Hawkmoth??) so I shouldn't squish it but just relocate it so it wouldn't eat all my tomato plants! Not that I would squish that giant nasty thing anyways ... but Grant probably would ;) So, I carefully plucked off the branch he was on and moved him far away from my garden ;)
Note: No, I was not trying to pet that thing - I put my hand there so you could see how giant it was!  Luckily it did not jump into my hand ... eeek!

Speaking of bugs and things... we've had a LOT of these cute tiny bright green frogs with suction cups on their feet! They like to stick to our glass door at night and torment the kitties :)

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  1. I think I've seen one of those giant wormy bugs before. Definitely creepy.


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