Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dierks Bentley!

Dierks Bentley was playing at FireFest in Cold Spring so we decided to get some tickets and go check it out! Here we all are - Mom, Dad, Marla, Gary, Clark, Molly, Darrell, and Suzette. Jake was around somewhere for awhile too ... oh and we saw Olivia at one point ;)

Oh Grant, you're such a goof ;)

Grant and one of his typical expressions ;)

heh heh... Me, Mom (with one of her funny expressions) and Dad

LOL! This was probably when we were waiting for Dierks to come on and then it started raining. Boo! So, it got postponed and we all stood around in the rain wondering what to do. When it started raining harder we all went to sit in our cars for awhile. When it let up a little we started hearing him play again so we all ran back in to listen.


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