Thursday, July 19, 2012

Babysitting Ella

Grant and I watched Ella for a few days while Heather and Chris were gone to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary! What a silly little girl she is ;)

Playing fetch with Leidy in jammies ;) She was so funny and would repeat everything Grant was saying. When he called Leidy, Ella would call Leidy. When he bent down to tell her to drop it, Ella also bent down and told her to drop it ;) lol

Smiles in the morning on the way to daycare!

My craigslist pool purchase turned out to be a hit ;) There was a lot of scooping, pouring and splashing going on ... as well as trying to get Leidy to drink it all!

Giving Leidy a little pat.  Check out her Kool Aid mustache :)

We stopped at the park one day after daycare!

Grant and I had a wedding to go to in Grey Eagle so Suzette took her for Saturday night. Ella took a little nap on the way to meet them at the horse show!

She can come back and play any time :)

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