Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July at Little Birch

As usual, we gathered at the cabin on Little Birch for the Fourth of July! The boys went on their annual fishing outing early in the morning with Mike :)

Leidy learned to launch herself off the dock :)

Dad lounged in the shade

Grant, Darrell and Suzette also lounged in the shade while Cody pestered them - I'm sure trying to get someone to swim or go on the jet ski or something!

And then the whole crew came over for lunch!  Lots of people - there's Mike, Grant, Korinna... and on the other side Paul, Chris, Marilyn, Marla ...

And again Paul, Chris, Marilyn, Marla, Jeff, Dad, Suzette ... and Darrell's in the back frying the potatoes on the fire!

Mike, Leidy and Grant

Ella keeping me busy ;)

Leidy and Ella did a lot of swimming!

There's our pretty pup :) She loves the lake :)

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