Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dierks Bentley!

Dierks Bentley was playing at FireFest in Cold Spring so we decided to get some tickets and go check it out! Here we all are - Mom, Dad, Marla, Gary, Clark, Molly, Darrell, and Suzette. Jake was around somewhere for awhile too ... oh and we saw Olivia at one point ;)

Oh Grant, you're such a goof ;)

Grant and one of his typical expressions ;)

heh heh... Me, Mom (with one of her funny expressions) and Dad

LOL! This was probably when we were waiting for Dierks to come on and then it started raining. Boo! So, it got postponed and we all stood around in the rain wondering what to do. When it started raining harder we all went to sit in our cars for awhile. When it let up a little we started hearing him play again so we all ran back in to listen.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Random July Happenings

In July ... our garden grew a lot!  The tomatoes (on the left) were out of control!

The pumpkins got bigger

We did a lot of pickling

We did some dog-sitting ;)

Leidy and Summit had a great time playing while the cows watched :)

Ella rode the bike we have for her at our house up and down the driveway

Oh how we love playing outside at our house :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Matt & Ashley Ingman's Wedding

Matt & Ashley Ingman got married in Grey Eagle! Here we are walking to the church from Mom and Dad's.

My pictures didn't turn out very well but here they are saying their vows!

And then lots of dancing and partying occurred once we got to the Hub for the reception!

So fun to party with everyone from my hometown and Grant's at the same time (Ashley's from GE and Matt's from Clotho :) that doesn't happen often ;)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Babysitting Ella

Grant and I watched Ella for a few days while Heather and Chris were gone to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary! What a silly little girl she is ;)

Playing fetch with Leidy in jammies ;) She was so funny and would repeat everything Grant was saying. When he called Leidy, Ella would call Leidy. When he bent down to tell her to drop it, Ella also bent down and told her to drop it ;) lol

Smiles in the morning on the way to daycare!

My craigslist pool purchase turned out to be a hit ;) There was a lot of scooping, pouring and splashing going on ... as well as trying to get Leidy to drink it all!

Giving Leidy a little pat.  Check out her Kool Aid mustache :)

We stopped at the park one day after daycare!

Grant and I had a wedding to go to in Grey Eagle so Suzette took her for Saturday night. Ella took a little nap on the way to meet them at the horse show!

She can come back and play any time :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Houseboating with the Schnells on Birch Lake near Babbit, MN

Marla and Gary got a house boat trip from a silent auction and asked if we wanted to go along! We thought it sounded like fun so took them up on the deal ;) There's our boat!

Captain Grant taking us out into the lake!

It had a nice little patio on the front to hang out on. We had great weather for the trip!

The lakes up north are so pretty with the little islands and rocks around.

In the evenings we tied up to shore at some of the designated camp spots. Here's a nice sandy one we stayed at!

Of course we all did a little swimming - here's Marla making her way out to catch some of the action on camera!

Gary jumped in too!

Grant was the first to try out the slide - everyone gave it a try eventually!!

Hanging out on top of the boat while we drive around.

Another nice day!

We had a little boat along so Grant and Gary did some fishing when we were parked.

House boating is fun!

Back at shore - sad to have to go home :( We were already making plans for our next house boat trip!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July at Little Birch

As usual, we gathered at the cabin on Little Birch for the Fourth of July! The boys went on their annual fishing outing early in the morning with Mike :)

Leidy learned to launch herself off the dock :)

Dad lounged in the shade

Grant, Darrell and Suzette also lounged in the shade while Cody pestered them - I'm sure trying to get someone to swim or go on the jet ski or something!

And then the whole crew came over for lunch!  Lots of people - there's Mike, Grant, Korinna... and on the other side Paul, Chris, Marilyn, Marla ...

And again Paul, Chris, Marilyn, Marla, Jeff, Dad, Suzette ... and Darrell's in the back frying the potatoes on the fire!

Mike, Leidy and Grant

Ella keeping me busy ;)

Leidy and Ella did a lot of swimming!

There's our pretty pup :) She loves the lake :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A few Kitty Pics

Ahhh I love our kitty cats :)

Look at them all cozy on the tower we built them :) Junebug's on the top and that's Everest on the lower level!

For the longest time we wondered why the kitties were staring so intently out one of our windows every day.

And then we finally saw this little birdie nest tucked back in one of the bushes outside the window!

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