Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trip Prep and Driving West!

Going on a backpacking trip took a little more prep than other trips where we have a base camp and just do day hikes - or when we're canoeing and can pack more. We wanted to pack as light as possible so we wouldn't have as much to carry every day. We got a fun new food dehydrator for Christmas thanks to the Stanleys so we made good use of it when making lightweight food choices!

Grant being a nerd showing off the bananas and kiwi we dried. We also did strawberries, peaches and apple sauce - it was all delicious!
Grant got our packs to around 30lbs before adding our full water bottles so he was pretty happy with that :) We started our trek west after work on Friday, June 8th.

Leidy was an excellent traveler! She just chilled in the backseat for the whole 18 hours and never made a peep. :)

We camped the first night in Faulkton, SD in their city park. They just ask for a donation to stay there and it's a nice little park and even has a bathroom with running water! Bonus ;)  Grant and Leidy played fetch in the morning before we continued on our journey.

We made it! Driving on the little dirt road up to Big Sandy Trailhead. We've never seen the Wind River Range from this close - usually we are driving to Dubois and can see them in the distance.

At the trailhead Grant and Leidy played fetch again - this time with more layers on ;) It was a bit chilly at 9,000ft!

The trailhead. We set up camp and spent the night in the chilly weather ;) Another couple hiked out after only staying one night a little higher up because they were too cold! We did a little re-arranging of our packs to fit in another layer of clothes after that ;)

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