Monday, June 11, 2012

Hike from Fish Creek Park towards Shadow Lake, Wind River Range Wyoming

We weren't sure what to expect when backpacking the Wind River Range in June, but it turned out to be a really fun trip!  We had muddy, wet trails and snow to cross, as well as some cold nights but with no bugs, few people and awesome views we had a great time!

Here's a map of what we had in mind for our hiking trip.  We started out at Big Sandy Trailhead (about 9,000ft) which is circled at the bottom of the map.  That day we went to Fish Creek Park (by the first X) to spend the night - it was only about 4ish miles but we could definitely feel the elevation (see the previous post for pics)!  For today our plan was to go towards Shadow Lake (on the trail that heads off to the right where the second X is).  We didn't end up going all the way to Shadow Lake but instead camped where the trail intersection is (about 5 miles from Fish Creek Park).

After another chilly night we woke up to a frosty, clear, gorgeous morning!
Pretty peaks all around
Speaking of frosty, our tent had a nice layer of frost on the inside and out. So, we had a little 'yard sale' as Grant would say and let everything dry in the trees before we packed up.
Another thing about backpacking in June - the creeks are high and fast ;) We had to cross three creeks I think going from Fish Creek Park up towards Shadow Lake. The first one was a bit tricky because we couldn't find rocks close enough to jump to and it was deep and running fast. Eventually we found a spot and got all three of us across without falling in ;) Leidy is pretty agile and could hop and jump a lot easier than we could. A lot of times she would cross back and forth three times before we found a spot!
Leidy was a good hiker - she usually stayed ahead of us sniffing out the trail but would always stop and look back to make sure we were still coming!

Love this one - so pretty!  Grant and Leidy hiking by Reflection Lake at the far end of Fish Creek Park - the first of three lakes we passed today.

Leidy and I making our way towards the next lake - Dad's Lake
Dad's Lake and the pretty mountains around it
Crossing the next creek ... that's some cold water!

The next lake - Marms Lake - was so pretty :)
We had lunch, filtered water and enjoyed the views for awhile by this lake.

Then we continued on and the trail went up through a cool ravine along a stream until we could see this at the top! It seemed that around every corner there were more gorgeous peaks!

More awesome peaks once we made it to where it opens up and the trail splits to go north towards Skull Lake or east to Shadow Lake.

We stayed near where the trail splits. We found ourselves a bear bag hanging tree, set up camp a good distance from there and then set up a cooking spot to hang out.

Back by our tent after supper we sat and watched the marmots scurry around on the rocks across a creek. Luckily those little buggers were a lot more afraid of humans than the ones by the Tetons so we didn't have any chewing through our tent ;)

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