Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hike from Big Sandy Trailhead to Fish Creek Park, Wind River Range Wyoming

The couple who told us it was chilly wasn't lying ;) Grant guessed it was in the 20s overnight! It also snowed a little, see? ;)
We packed up, put more layers on, suited Leidy up in her backpack (that's right, she carried her own food!) and made our way down the trail by about 8:30am.

Our little family 'ready to rock' as Grant would say ;) Well, minus the kitties - they don't really like to hike :)

Leidy leading the way!

Leidy and Grant making their way down the trail. Once we got a little ways in we could start to see some peaks.
We started to see more and more snow as we got higher ;)

Made it to Fish Creek Park! Bummer the clouds were hanging around today so we couldn't see all the peaks. But, it was still pretty! Also notice how the trail is full of water ;) lol it was a little wet, snowy and muddy.

First we found a good tree to hang our bear bag and then we set up camp aways away (hmm aways away? I don't think that's correct grammar lol) from that spot.
After camp was set up we attempted a campfire because it was still chilly! The fire eventually got bigger than this we just had to start with pine needles so it was pretty small at first ;)

Leidy and I checking out the mountain views

The moon was pretty from our camp spot that evening! I should mention that it only took us until about 11am (2.5 hours) to get to where we camped. We took our time and enjoyed the views. I think it was about 4 miles but a lot of up-hill and the trailhead was at 9,000ft so lots of altitude to get used to.  When we got to Fish Creek Park we had the whole afternoon to set up and hang out!

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