Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Place 5k!?

Grant, Catherine and I ran the Tanner's Team Foundation 5k in Sauk Rapids today! Catherine and I had been training for the 10k at Mama Marla's in April so figured we'd try a 5k to see what kind of time we could get after all that training.
We all did way better than we thought! Grant was the first of the three of us to come in and he placed 31 overall and actually was third in his age class (which you can see on this sheet) but they made a mistake on the first sheet that they went off of for awards and had written down the wrong age for him - dangit - so he didn't get a medal :(  Then I was next with an overall place of 46 and a time of 23:47 (average 7:40 min miles) - my best 5k time ever! And first in my age group (out of 28)! I don't think I've ever even placed in a 5k before! And Catherine was next with an overall place of 67 and 8th (out of 56 in her age group) with a time of 24:57!! She had told me she couldn't run it in 25 minutes and she did it even a little under that!  Woot - that was fun :)

Me on the left getting a medal!

Here are the official results! Hey look at that - I was 8th out of 180 females :) Fun! I'll probably never be able to do that again ;) lol

And Grant's official results and Catherine's too!

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