Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Driving from Pinedale, WY to Moran, WY

The next morning in Pinedale we splurged again and went out for breakfast after our backpacking adventure.

Grant couldn't resist some Wyoming biscuits and gravy. AND he finished that whole giant plate!

Such gorgeous views of the Wind River Range driving out of Pinedale.

It was an AWESOME drive from Pinedale to Jackson!! I'm sure my family was tired of seeing pictures of mountains as I was texting them pictures like crazy because there were just more and more mountain ranges all around us the whole way and I just couldn't believe it! So pretty :)

And then the familiar views of our favorite spot - the TETONS! :) Happy day

Of course we stopped at the Snake River Overlook, as always. And had our first family photo there ;)

Love that view!

Leidy! It's your mountain :) Yup that's her for the very first time in front of Mt Leidy. We're such nerds. But it's one of our favorite winter spots ;)

After settling in at our old stomping grounds for the night we drove up the road that is the snowmobile trail in the winter.  We stopped to play fetch and relax at the overlook that we directed lots of renters to when we used to work here :)  What a fun day!

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