Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day hike to Shadow Lake, Wind River Range, Wyoming

It's lovely waking up in the mountains ;)  It's like a picture from a backpacking magazine, right?!

Our bear bag hanging spot ;) No sign of any bears the whole hike!

Today we did a day hike to where we could see the back of the Cirque of the Towers!
This is after Grant told Leidy she didn't have to be in EVERY picture!  It's true, she was always out in front so got in a lot of pics like the one above ;)

As we hiked we could start to see more of the peaks of the Cirque!

We love the mountains!

So pretty! There were lots of willows along the creek that flows from Shadow Lake

Leidy = exhausted. She was quite the trooper!

When we got back to camp we decided not to tough out another FREEZING cold night and packed up to head back to the trailhead. I wasn't so sure about this idea since it was about 9 miles back after we just did 4 on our day hike (keep in mind we were at about 10,000ft and don't do a ton of backpacking except on trips like this ;) But we headed out anyways!

Do the views really get much better than this? Lovely trees, lakes, mountains, my pup and my husband :)

Still going :) and still awesome views!
There's me stopping for a pic looking back where we just came from. This is back by Fish Creek Park where we spent the first night

Leidy and I racing to the trailhead ... almost there almost there ... oh goodness my feet and shoulders hurt ... how are your feet little pup? And the bugs are starting to come out!
Ahh back in the car. We completely wussed out and drove to Pinedale and stayed in a motel! lol! We didn't have any more ambition to set up our tent again and freeze at the trailhead ;) But check out those mountains as we drove away! We'll be back again that's for sure!


  1. Those are awesome pictures!!! I just got back and after seeing those pictures I gotta start planning!

  2. More great pics! Hope to some day take another vacation with you two and enjoy this type of scenery once again! There is no doubt that many hearts belong to the west! Happy Trails!

  3. Looking at doing a trip with some pack stock next summer. Did you camp near the main CDT trail or up towards Shadow Lake more? Did you see any established camp sites in that valley?

    1. Hi John! We camped in the Fish Creek Park area the first night; it is an open area that would be friendly to pack stock. The second night we camped in the open area just above Washakie creek. To get there, we traveled the trail towards Shadow Lake for about 200 yards and camped to the south side. It was an open area that would also be friendly to pack stock. There may be a few areas around Dads Lake and the narrow draw that we hiked up after Marms Lake that may be a little difficult with pack stock. We didn't see very many established sights but there are plenty of options in the Fish Creek Park area as well as the Washakie Creek Basin. Hope that helps! Sorry for the delay in response :)


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