Sunday, May 6, 2012

Paddlefest - Sandstone, MN

Leidy's first summer camping trip! We hit up Paddlefest in Sandstone, MN for some camping, visiting, and paddling fun!

Saturday morning Leidy was up pretty early giving us her puppy dog stare wondering if her friend Summit was already up playing outside ;)
Ang and I went for a run, then we had breakfast and everyone got suited up for paddling. We all rode up to the put-in and here's Grant paddling down.
There was no paddling for Ang and I in the morning - we walked the dogs along the river instead :)
Back at camp there were lots and lots of dogs for Leidy to play with. She doesn't listen so well yet though so she had to get tied up sometimes ;)
The down river race was at 4pm and this time we all got to paddle! The usual raft race took place after the other paddlers took off. It was hilarious and we all had a great time! Our raft won for the whole stretch of rapids but we're at a disadvantage on the flat water so didn't so much win then ;) No pics but it was super fun! After supper we headed to the GasLight for the drawing and then back to the tent to sleep cuz we were all so tired!
It poured rain that night so the river came up some. After breakfast at the local cafe another crew headed down the river and Grant went too. That's him in the wave - the others are waiting their turn.

Leidy and I walked along and watched.

We stopped at the rapid called Teacher's Pet to watch the rodeo. Here's Brody. These pics are from Nora Whitmore and Jack Kukowski

And Grant! Nice work, guys :)

Here's a cool pic of a paddler's view of the river - pretty!
Can't wait for next year!

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